Battle Tactics - Cannibal Courts
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Battle Tactics - Cannibal Courts

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Our Battle Tactics tracker has been designed to help players manage and track their Battle Tactics during games of third edition. This expansion allows you to track the new tactics recently released for the Cannibal Courts faction.

The photos are of the finished product you will receive without the magnets in place. The Magnets should be a tight fit and not require glue, however these can be fixed into place by a small amount of superglue if preferred.

An MDF tray designed to store the additional faction Battle Tactics can be found Here.

This set contains a total of 3 Plaques all made from white coated 3mm MDF & 6x4mm Magnets


- Neodymium magnets can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed so please store them safely out of reach of children. For children's projects use them strictly under adult supervision.

- If you allow neodymium magnets to crash together or into metal objects the force may shatter them. Please take care handling them.

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