Skywing - Renown Armies - 3rd Edition Token Set
Skywing - Renown Armies - 3rd Edition Token Set
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Skywing - Renown Armies - 3rd Edition Token Set

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Our Tokens are the perfect solution to keep track of key abilities during your 3rd edition games. Made from high-quality materials, these tokens are durable and easy to use. Say goodbye to messy pencil marks, confusing notes or dice, and say hello to simpler, more organized gameplay with our Tokens.

This set of roughly 32mm tokens are designed to help keep track of in-game effects.

This material is half the thickness (1.5mm) of our usual acrylic tokens, has a softer feel and is available in 10 colours.

This set contains a total of 14 Tokens (roughly 32mm in size):

Monster Actions

  • Thunderous Roar: No Inspiring within 3”
  • Stun: -1 to Wound
  • Tremors: 1” Pile-in

Commander Trait

  • Favour: After fighting if no enemy within 3” can move D6 and end within 3”
  • Ensign: Once Per Battle heal D3 to each Dragon unit wholly within 9”


  • (18") 7+ Authority 5+ no CP spent when issuing Commands

  • (12") 3+ Grace Heald 3 Wounds
  • 4+ Sanctification Enemy Wizards -1 to Cast & Priests -1 to Chant
  • (12") 4+ Sovereignty: Counts as Max 5 models for Objectives

Army Abilities

  • Soulburned (x5)

The photos are of the finished product and they have been designed to be as clear as possible. No clean-up such as removing plastic backing or painting the engraved parts of the tokens is required.

Pro Painted Studios products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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