About Us

I am very proud to announce the launch of Pro Painted Studios!

I am a wargamer, hobbyist and painter at heart. My first foray into the hobby world has been hosting my own Age of Sigmar hobby focused Podcast, the Pro Painted Podcast

Over the last year, working from my home office (in deepest darkest Dorset) I have been creating tokens and gaming tools for my friends and club mates; which have proved to be incredibly popular. As a group we have attended numerous Age of Sigmar tournaments all across the country and my work has generated a lot of interest. I have created custom sets of tokens, measuring tools, and even trophies for individuals, clubs and tournaments. I am now in a position to offer my work to the wider community!

Everything has been designed by wargamers, for wargamers and I ensure the order you receive is the finished product. Many other companies that offer similar services require you to remove backing plastic from the tokens, or even suggest painting the engraved areas of the tokens; this is not needed with Pro Painted Studios

I exclusively use fluorescent 3mm acrylic as this gives the clarity needed for a gaming table, and each token is hand finished and polished before dispatch

Everything we offer can be customized (at additional cost) to add club logos, names etc. Please contact me via email at propaintedstudios@gmail.com



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