1-18 Inch Magnetic Range Sticks Set
1-18 Inch Magnetic Range Sticks Set
1-18 Inch Magnetic Range Sticks Set
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1-18 Inch Magnetic Range Sticks Set

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This complete set of range sticks allows the owner to measure distances from1 inch, right up to 18 inchs!

The set consists of individual sticks measuring from 1 inch to 9 inches . Then the included widget magnetises to the 9 inch stick and allows the attachment of the rest of the sticks which run from 10-18 inches.

All the sticks are fully numbered in blocks on 1 inch to allow for ease of measurement.

To make even easier use of these sticks, one of our new MDF trays is also availabe here

Made from 3mm Fluorescent Acrylic and available in 9 colours.

The photo is of the finished product and has been designed to be as clear as possible. No clean up such as removing plastic backing or painting the engraved parts of the tokens is required.


- Neodymium magnets can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed so please store them safely out of reach of children. For children's projects use them strictly under adult supervision.

- If you allow neodymium magnets to crash together or into metal objects the force may shatter them. Please take care handling them.

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