Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set
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Android Dynasties 10th Edition 40k Token Set

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Our Tokens are the perfect solution to keep track of key abilities during your 10th edition games.

This set can be purchased as a Complete Bundle at a discount with every token, or as smaller sets specific to the different detachments and/or a core set for unit abilities from the new codex.

Made from high-quality materials, these tokens are durable and easy to use. Say goodbye to messy pencil marks, confusing notes or dice, and say hello to simpler, more organized gameplay with our Tokens.

This material is half the thickness (1.5mm) of our original acrylic tokens, has a softer feel and is available in 13 colours.

The Complete Set includes every token below & tracker.

The sets are broken down as follows:

Core Token Set

  • Storm Available
  • Stars Available
  • Stars: Triple Attacks & Str. Successful wounds are Crits
  • Despair Available: Force Battle Shock within 18”
  • Collector: Objective Controlled
  • Logic Available: Remove Battle Shock
  • Relay: No Benefit of Cover
  • Pulse: -2 to Move, Charge & Advance. Suffer D3 when moving on a 4+
  • Voice of the Triarch Tracker
  • Energy Manipulator Range Dial: Battleline within range +1 AP and reduce AP by 1

Awakened Set

  • Veil: Teleport Available
  • Casket: Unit gains Stealth
  • Subjugator: +1 to Hit for non-character units within 6”
  • Dermal Bond: 4+ FNP
  • Void: +1 Strength Also +1 AP if led by a Character
  • Tyrant: Re-Roll Hits of 1 if target is within half range. Or Re-Roll all Hits of led
  • by a Character
  • Storm: Weapons gain Assault. Re-Roll Advances if led by a Character

Annihilation Set

  • Madness: Units gains 4+ Fight on Death
  • Superiority: Critical Wounds are +1 AP
  • Reaper: 3+ stop enemy Fallback
    Nightmare: Start of Fight Phase Enemies in Engagement must take a Battle Shock Test
  • Masks: -1 to be Hit
  • Frailty: +1 to Hit vs units below starting Str & +1 to wound if below half
  • Hunters: 6” Pile-In or Consolidation

Court Set

  • Sanctum: Unit gains Infiltrate
  • Fulcrum: Unit Re-Roll Wounds of 1 while wholly within Matrix
  • Autodivinator: 2+ gain 1 CP when opponent gains 1 from an ability
  • Tesla Weave: Once per phase when selected as a charge target roll a D6. 2-5 = D3 Mortals 6= 3 Mortals
  • Curse: +1 to Hit & Wound vs Unit (x2)
  • Eradication: Unit gains Devastating Wounds
  • Pulse Objective: Weapons gain Ignores Cover vs units in range
  • Shift: Can only be attacked within 12”

Phalanx Set

  • Worthy Foes: +1 to Wound vs Target
  • Honourable: Enemy loses 1 CP when bearers unit slays a Character
  • Unflinching: Models Melee gains Precision & Anti-Infantry 5+
  • Noble: - Unit Is -1 to be Hit
  • Conqueror: Unit Re-Roll Hits vs targets within range of an objective
  • Time is Nigh: Enemy army is -1 to LD & Battle Shock Tests
  • Artifice: 5+ Critic Hits
  • Nanoassembly: Reduce Dmg of attacks by 1
  • Sentinels: 4+ Fight on Death
  • No Rival: Unit gains Precision
  • Territorial: Models gain +1 Obsec or +3 for Vehicles

Hypercrypt Set

  • Overseer: +1 Units in Reserves
  • Tyrant: Unit Re-Rolls Hits of 1 or all Hits if Set up this turn
  • Transfer Node: +6” Move instead of Advancing
  • Fulcrum: Unit gains Deepstrike
  • Deflection: Vehicle gains 4+ Inv Save
  • Damping: Weapons gain Hazardous

The photo is the finished product and has been designed to be as clear as possible. No clean-up such as removing plastic backing or painting the engraved parts of the tokens is required.


- Neodymium magnets can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed so please store them safely out of reach of children. For children's projects use them strictly under adult supervision.

- If you allow neodymium magnets to crash together or into metal objects the force may shatter them. Please take care handling them.

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