Deep Sea Elves 3rd Edition Token Set
Deep Sea Elves 3rd Edition Token Set
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Deep Sea Elves 3rd Edition Token Set

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Our Tokens are the perfect solution to keep track of key abilities during your 3rd edition games. Made from high-quality materials, these tokens are durable and easy to use. Say goodbye to messy pencil marks, confusing notes or dice, and say hello to simpler, more organized gameplay with our Tokens.

Our MDF Token Trays designed to store these tokens are available HERE

This material is half the thickness (1.5mm) of our original acrylic tokens, has a softer feel and is available in 13 colours.

This set contains a total of 45 Tokens (roughly 32mm in size):

Army Abilities

  • Ebb Tide in Effect
  • Flood Tide in Effect
  • Jaws and Fins -3 Rend
  • 2 (or 3) Hits on Rolls of 6 (x3)
  • Charged: Spear +1 Attack & Damage
  • +1 to Hit & Wound vs Hero
  • Supreme Tide Lord Available
  • Tide Lord Available
  • +1 Attack (x3)
  • Fount Available
  • Knot Available
  • Bio Blast Available (x3)
  • Cannot Pile-In (x3)
  • Re-Roll Hits of 1 wholly within 12” for Thralls, Reavers & Soulraid
  • Hits of 6 = 2 Hits wholly within 12” for Thralls, Reavers & Soulraid
  • -1 to Wound vs Thralls, Reavers & Soulraid wholly within 12”
  • Stones Available
  • Potion Available
  • +1 to Hit, Wound, Attack, Run & Charge. Next Hero phase suffer D3 Mortals & No Pile-In
  • Boat Summon Available
  • Barnacles Available
  • -1 Hit & Wound for the Battle
  • Bio-Shock Available
  • Strikes Last
  • Shell Available
  • Attack Rolls of 1 or 2 Fail
  • Tooth Available


  • Mist
    Low Tide: Friendly Units cannot be targeted by shooting unless they are within 12” of the attackers.
  • Surging
    Flood Tide: gain +1 to Run & Charge
  • Deep-Sight
    High Tide: Reavers, Thralls & Soulraid gain 5+ Ward
  • Riptide
    Ebb Tide: when retreating roll for each enemy unit within 3”, on 4+ they suffer D3 Mortals

    Spell Effects

    •  Halve Runs & Charges
    • Reduce Rend by 1
    • -1 Save vs Melee (x3)
    • -1 to Hit

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