Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set
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Machine Worshipers 10th Edition 40k Token Set

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Our Tokens are the perfect solution to keep track of key abilities during your 10th edition games.

This set can be purchased as a Complete Bundle at a discount with every token, or as smaller sets specific to the different detachments and/or a core set for unit abilities from the new codex.

Made from high-quality materials, these tokens are durable and easy to use. Say goodbye to messy pencil marks, confusing notes or dice, and say hello to simpler, more organized gameplay with our Tokens.

This material is half the thickness (1.5mm) of our usual acrylic tokens, has a softer feel and is available in 13 colours.

The Complete Set includes every token below & both dials.

The sets are broken down as follows:

Core Token Set

  • Invocation: Re-Roll Hits of 1 within 6”
  • Mantra: +1 to Battle Shock & LD tests within 6”
  • Shroud: Units gain Benefits of Cover within 6”
  • Spike: -1 WS
  • Blessing: 5+ FNP
  • Vengeance: 6 Axe Attacks
  • Divine Work Available
  • Divine Work: 4+ Inv Save
  • Objective Scouted (x2)
  • Shocked: -2 Move, Advance & Charge
  • Protector: +2 Ranged Attacks
  • Conqueror: +2 Melee Attacks
  • Aegis: +1 Toughness
  • Hunters: Re-Roll Hits vs Target

Rad-Zone Set

  • Suffusion: Units within 6” of enemy deployment suffer Fallout
  • Malphonic: Unit gains Stealth
  • Eradicator: Unit gains Sustained Hits 1
  • Steriliser: Ranged Weapons gain Anti Infantry 2+ & Anti Monster 4+
  • Halo: -1 to be Wounded (x2)
  • Purge: Re-Roll Hits vs Units in Enemy Deployment Zone (x2)
  • Dosage: Gains Lethal Hits
  • Bulwark: 4+ Inv Save (x2)

Hunter Chort Set

  • Thrallnet: Start of Battle Round a friendly unit gains both Imperatives
  • Thrallnet: Both Imperatives Active
  • Infiltrator: Bearer and unit gain Infiltrators & Scouts 6”
  • Hunter: Can redeploy 3 Infantry units
  • Uplink: Can move 6” after shooting (but cannot charge)
  • Endurance: 5+ FNP
  • Offence: +1 AP vs Target Unit (x2)
  • Offence Target
  • Isolate: +1 to Wound vs Units with no other units within 6”
  • Shroud: Can only be targeted if within 12”

Data Conclave Set

  • Locum: LD 6+ & once per game can remove Battle Shock within 12”
  • Mantle: Reduce Attack Damage to 1
    Autosermon: Once per game select other Benedition to be active for bearers unit
  • Autosermon: Procession Activated
  • Autosermon: Savagery Activated
  • Temporcopia: Unit gains Fights First
  • Iron Soul: 4+ FNP
  • Remorseless: +1 to Wound
  • Vengeance: 4+ Fight on Death
  • Veneration: -1 to Hit
  • Blessing: 4+ Inv Save

Explorator Set

  • Magos: 4+ to gain 1 CP at end of Command Phase if within range of Acquisition Objective
  • Genetor: Unit gains 4+ Inv save within range of Acquisition Objective
  • Logis: Units gains +1 to Hits vs units within range of Acquisition Objective
  • Artisan: Change 1 Hit, Wound, or Save Roll to an unmodified 6 once per phase within range of Acquisition Objective
  • Acquisition: Objective Controlled (x2)
  • Info Skull: Acquisition Objective
  • Retrieval: +1 to Wound vs units within range of Acquisition Objective
  • Exhausts: Unit Gains Stealth & Benefit of Cover (x2)

Cybernetica Set

  • Necromechanic: Change the DMG of 1 attack vs a Vehicle within 12” to zero, once per battle round
  • Lord: Vehicle within 12”-1 to hit & force LD test, if failed cannot shoot
  • Lord: -1 to Hit
  • Lord: -1 to Hit & cannot shoot
  • Emotionless: Auto-Explode friendly Vehicle or Cybernetic unit within 12”
  • Arch-Negator: Ranged Weapons gain Anti-Vehicle 4+
  • Motive: +3 Move and +1 to Advance & Charge
  • Targeting: BS 3+ and Ignores Cover but can only target units within range of Objective
  • Targeting Objective
  • Resurgent: Re-Roll Hits. If below half-strength also re-roll Wounds
  • Superiority: Fall Back & Shoot and Ignore all MODS (except armour saves)
  • Transcendent: Both Imperatives Active
  • Benevolence: 6+ FNP or 5+ vs Mortals

The photo is the finished product and has been designed to be as clear as possible. No clean-up such as removing plastic backing or painting the engraved parts of the tokens is required.


- Neodymium magnets can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed so please store them safely out of reach of children. For children's projects use them strictly under adult supervision.

- If you allow neodymium magnets to crash together or into metal objects the force may shatter them. Please take care handling them.

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