From Ember to Inferno 2 - Month 1 - Paul Buckler

Paul is keeping his cards a bit close to his chest for now, but his Month 1 update is super-interesting (Matt)

Clan Moulder - Month One

So for our second go around at this I am starting a brand new army, Skaventide, more specifically Clan Moulder.

A very brief overview of my month 1.

Having been to a lot of events last year, I saw very few (if any) pure moulder lists.  The army has always appealed to me, monstrous beasts, hordes of rats, what more could you want!

My first month is a bit strange, as my whole army is kind of built around my display board.  I am planning an underground sewer, with running water etc.  Building towards SCGT2020 and their coolest army competition.

So I painted for month 1:

1 Master moulder, 100 points

2 Rat Ogors 100 points

10 Wolf rats 200 points.

Total = 400

The bases for these are going to be 'inset' into the board so I am unable to base them atm, so the pics posted will just be snippets until I get to that stage.

I am aiming to do a mostly contrast army, to see how that can work, as opposed to a traditional painting style.  Very interested to see what effect can be achieved and how it stands up vs. standard painting.

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