From Ember to Inferno 2 - Month 5 - Paul Buckler

Clan Moulder - Month Five

My last month was more models than I had painted for the entire project so far, Luckily these were mostly Giant rats, so a reasonably easy task. On-top of that I had a few Packmasters to add, then some work on the display board.

Unfortunately we are now in the middle of some crazy times, so whilst the army itself is finished, some parts of the display board still need work.  Once the supply of paints etc returns to some normality I will finish those bits off, but with no events in sight at the moment to take the board too, I have plenty of time.

Month 5 additions were:

40 Giant rats - 200

3x Packmasters - 60

Then my final list for gaming is as follows:

Allegiance: Skaventide

Master Moulder - 100

- General

- Command Trait: Hordemaster

- Artefact: Foulhide

Master Moulder - 100

- Artefact: Rabid Crown

Master Moulder - 100

40 x Giant Rats - 200

6 x Rat Ogors - 300

6 x Rat Ogors - 300

10 x Wolf Rats - 200

3 x Packmasters - 60

Hell Pit Abomination - 240

Hell Pit Abomination - 240

Fleshmeld Menagerie - 160

Total: 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

I had points in a Battalion and Command Points on top of what I painted so in total I only did 1790 worth of models on the table.

Here is the army in all it's glory:





Overall I am very happy with the army, the second FETI for me was a test in contrast paint to see how much of an army you can do with that medium.  The answer is a whole lot! The standard imo is high end tabletop, which is great given the time vs appearance of the project is what I would have hoped for. Compared to all of the other guys I suspect I’ve probably done 1/10th of the time painting my army. 

I spent significant time doing the display board, and working out the water aspect, this is the real achievement for me, have learnt a LOT from this process. Matt’s work on the laser cut bases helped me so much and the whole sewer display is really coming together.

I am looking forward to maybe trying out the firestorm campaign as written once everything pans out, possibly devoting a couple of weekends to it rather than trying to stretch over a longer period of time might work. Logistics of these things are always tricky but hopefully we can make it work.


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