From Ember to Inferno 2 - Month 2 - Chris Tomlin

The Sunleth Annihilation - Month Two

Things are starting to heat up this season’s From Ember to Inferno; as well as more painting, we’ll also be looking to start up a new Firestorm campaign soon, which should add interest. By the time the month three posts come up we should all be able to report on our victories/defeats! 

So in month two I used my 400 points to paint units for both Boulderhead and Underguts, the two archetypes I’m looking to push my army into;


2 Leadbelchers (80)

Stonehorn Beastriders (300)


As well as showing some photos of the new models, I thought I’d quickly mention where I got my colour scheme from.

It’s actually quite simple as I was perusing the Citadel Colour app (which is fantastic btw!) and came across the Ionrach Enclave scheme for Namarti Thralls. I figured this would work out pretty perfectly for the Ogors themselves, maybe subconsciously I linked them to this scheme due to the blindness of the Namarti. 

This scheme is actually quite neutral so I still could’ve gone with a more regular basing style or mount colours, however I’d previously seen the Gamer Grass alien tufts  and knew I had to use them before someone else did haha!! So with this in mind I decided to go pretty whacky and out there with the mounts. More on that in a moment. First off, here’s the two Leadbelchers;



In terms of mount colours, I’d just gone pretty random with the stuff I did for the original BCR force. There is some element of the colours on those activity clashing with the basing, which isn’t perhaps aesthetically pleasing to some people, but I did want the army to be garish and a bit of an assault on the senses! However for this Stonehorn I tried to go a little more complimentary, whilst still being super bright. Essentially it’s just a lighter version of the original Stonehorn scheme, which could work as perhaps it’s a younger beast compared to the Frostlord’s older one. I think I get more hooked up on this than a lot of people as usually I paint all my creatures of a single species the same way (Dragons, Phoenixes etc). 

The other little bits worth noting are the Leadbelcher cannon in place of the Harpoon Launcher, to better fit in with the army over all and also the Aetherwing in place of a Blood Vulture -

Something I did on the original army and a nice way to introduce more colour. 

Here it is;

I have to say I was super happy with how this came out and can’t wait to add more Stonehorns! Another coming month three so I can get the Boulderhead on the table ASAP before moving onto more Underguts stuff. 

That’s probably about all for now. Remember to follow our work on social media for the most up to date photos and videos. You can search the hashtag #FETI2 on both Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you fancy checking out the original season, the hashtag #fromembertoinferno has the goods on Twitter. Also if there’s any particular element you’d like to hear me discuss, drop me a message on Twitter (@the_black_sun) or Instagram (@blacksunpainting). 

Once again I’ll leave you with some group shots. Cheers for reading,

Chris x


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