From Ember to Inferno 2 - Month 2 - Paul Buckler

This month Paul is giving us a peek into a display board he is working on (which I was more than happy to help with via Pro Painted Studios and my laser engraver) and the first fully finished model. Expect more photos of finished models now as Paul can mount them on his display board-planned bases! Exciting stuff (Matt).

Clan Moulder - Month Two

This was relatively easy for me, just 6 models. I managed to paint them up in a single weekend, but for me it has been about display board prep.

One of Paul's Rat Ogors

FETI2 this year is tying into the SCGT coolest competition, and I have some very strong opposition here.  Not only is Matt doing his Bonereapers, but the legendary Steve Foote is returning to try and recapture his crown!

Matt did an excellent job of MDF laser cutting the sewer base, with ll the holes and bases for the Rat Ogors pre-cut, now its just a case of cutting the board!

The above are photos of my progress so far, and I will update you all with more next month. I have an easy month with just Hellpits to paint, so plenty of time to continue work on the display board.

So I painted for month 2:

2 Master moulders, 200 points

4 Rat Ogors 200 points

Total = 400

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