From Ember to Inferno 2 - Month 3 - Chris Tomlin

The Sunleth Annihilation - Month Three

So we’ve now passed the halfway point with our armies up to 1,200 points (with the exception of Aaron, be sure to read his recent blog post for a good insight into when things go wrong).

What’s more exciting is that we also started our Firestorm campaign with a fantastic 4-way Triumph & Treachery game using our month one 400pt armies. It was great fun and pretty close, with Matt just getting the tiebreak to beat Paul at the end. This week we’ll be doing the same with our 800pt armies, so I get to bring a Stonehorn to battle, which should improve my chances of a win.

Talking of Stonehorns, my Month Three contribution is another one! This time ridden by a mighty Frostlord. I was keen for all my Stonehorns to look physically different (I’m building a list outside of #FETI2 with four!), however I wasn’t keen to start chopping them up. This meant I’d be relying on how I position them on the bases as well as what the riders were doing to create the illusion of this.

Luckily my basing is all pretty heavily built up with milliput and slate anyway, so this allowed me to achieve the first part pretty easily. One other thing I did was used a lighter to (carefully) bend the tail. This serves two purposes; one, it will hopefully stop it snapping so easily and two, it helps change the silhouette. 

As for the rider, I decided to go to town on him, sourcing additional parts from the following kits; Ironguts, Mournfang and the new plastic Tyrant (chopping bits of him was a bit crazy, but I’ll be using more of him on future models). I also used another Aetherwing to fit in with the others. I did later learn he doesn’t get a Blood Vulture, but it looks cool anyway. I like the way they fly alongside the monsters almost freely, using the small connection points on the trailing cloth. The final touch was a cheeky nod to Annihilation, with the crocodilian type skull on the base. Here’s a couple of photos I took before painting;

As some of you may know, I have done many armies featuring 3-4 Behemoths in recent years and usually I stick to the ethos of painting them all in the same scheme. For this army I decided to do things a bit differently and instead have all my Stonehorns differing hues of green (had nothing to do with me forgetting my colour scheme, honest!). 

I used a scheme here that I’ve used on a variety of models in recent times as I really like it. Basically building up from Incubi Darkness to Gauss Blaster Green, using Kabalite/Sybarite as the mid tones. 

For the cloak on his shoulder, I stole the scheme and patterning from the Mindstealer Sphiranx I recently painted (check it out here - ). 

Everything else was the same as other models I’ve painted for this army. I took a lot of time over all the line highlights on the fur and horns to help create that really sharp finish. 

I also used a bit of Greenstuff World UV resin on the base around the skull, though it’s hard to see from the photos. Overall I was super pleased with how this turned out. Whilst technically it’s not one of my best painted models, as an overall piece it’s definitely one of my favourites. Here’s a selection of pics (more on Instagram);

That’s probably about all for now. Remember to follow our work on social media for the most up to date photos and videos. You can search the hashtag #FETI2 on both Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you fancy checking out the original season, the hashtag #fromembertoinferno has the goods on Twitter. Also if there’s any particular element you’d like to hear me discuss, drop me a message on Twitter (@the_black_sun) or Instagram (@blacksunpainting).

Once again I’ll leave you with some group shots. Cheers for reading,

Chris x

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