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Shikami Devils - Month Three

Despite current events, FETI2 will be continuing along with regular updates from all 4 participants. Hopefully this blog post keeps you entertained for 5 minutes of your day!

This month really felt like the army started to come together, due to my (motivational reasons) inclusion of Katakros in month 2 the army felt lacking in presence on the tabletop. I decided it was a good time to introduce my 2nd Battleline unit and I elected to paint 5 Kavalos Deathriders. I was conflicted on whether to add the conical hats to the Deathriders as well, however after consulting with the other guys it was unanimous it was the right choice. So here they are in all their glory:

These are the first unit where I had to tackle the recessed skulls, I decided to paint these first and used the same colour palette as the Bone-Tithe Nexus Blue, the candles from Vokmortian, and the ruins on Katakros's base. I feel this was the right choice and helps introduce the blue across the wider army. I certainly underestimated the models, and they easy took 3 times longer to paint than I initially scheduled. Luckily, once the recessed skulls and the bone was painted, it meant the majority of the models were finished. I will be adding another unit of 5 to round out my 3 Battleline choices and will factor in the painting time when I tackle them again!

I finished the month with a unit I teased an early WIP of on Twitter, which went down really well - my Necropolis Stalkers. There is a slight change to the stock models which essentially happened by accident. During the initial army planning stage I knew I wanted the conical hats for the Infantry, but not knowing the true scale of a lot of the options; I just had to buy blind. This led to a delivery of 3 Lego Mini-fig Hats which were unfortunately way too large to use on rank and file infantry. However, due to the inspiration of things like Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Big Trouble in Little China:

This led to the Stakers donning the hats, and me affectionately referring to them as 'The Storms'!

With the Stalkers finished this rounded out my Month 3 nicely, and I really started to get hyped having a good chunk of the army all painted on my hobby shelf.

Month 1

Bone-Tithe Nexus

Vokmortian - 180

10 Mortex Guard - 130

Month 2

Katakros - 500

Horrorghast - 60

Month 3

3 Necropolis Stalkers (The Storms) - 200

5 Kavalos Deathriders - 180

Total = 1250

Thanks for reading and expect the Month 4 posts to start hitting in early April, I shall also leave you on another positive note as I now have a full Warcry Warband!

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