From Ember to Inferno 2 - Month 4 - Chris Tomlin

The Sunleth Annihilation - Month Four

This was the penultimate month for #FETI2 and also the one where the world went to shit! Fortunately for me and the boys, we were able to get in one last Triumph and Treachery game before the “lockdown” occurred. This was played using our 800pt armies. The Stonehorn Beastriders really helped me get up early as I farmed poor Aaron’s helpless army for some easy VP. However at the end of the day Paul was able to come out on top thanks to his superior movement (Gnawholes ftw!) and Skavenlike retreating around the board. 

On the flip side, this was probably the last game of the campaign we’ll be able to play. The painting side of things wraps up at the beginning of May and by the time things are “back to normal” we could well be too far past it all. Matt has suggested we do a campaign with our armies using the full Firestorm rules, including the Muster elements we’ve not previously used. This would be an Epilogue of sorts, seeing us add further units to our armies. Whilst this suits me (still sat on a stockpile of Ogors), I’m not sure it’ll work for everyone, which is the key thing.

Anyway, onto the painting side of things, Month Four was one of the busiest for me as I had a variety of units to paint. In continuing with my Matt Clarke Army™️ approach (essentially Highlander), I added the following units;

4 Leadbelchers 

2 Mournfang 


Nothing to add about the Leadbelchers as they were very straightforward and the same as the two I produced in Month Two. 

The Mournfang presented a more unique challenge to me as they had to match 4 Mournfang I painted for the original 1,000pt Beastclaw Raider army back in 2018. The only problem was I forgot the colours I’d used for the mounts and stupidly hadn’t written them down (pro tip kids, always write down your paint schemes!). I should note I also added the Leadbelcher cannon to one of the riders, which is a kinda underlying theme to the army as I want a full Underguts build at some point. 

Back to the painting and I was able to match things up using Thousand Sons Blue, Ahriman Blue and Baharroth Blue. These actually ended up better than the original 4 as I properly highlighted the fur as opposed to just leaving it drybrushed. Eventually I’ll have to go back to the other four and upscale them. Really happy with these two big boys!

Finally for this month I did my first Ironblaster (I have 3 more to add at a later date). This was a fun kit to build and I opted to leave off some of the more WFB styled pieces, as well as the Gnoblar. I also built up the base in such a way I could angle the Rhinox differently. Hard to explain and quite subtle, but looks really cool I think. 

Going back to the Gnoblar, I removed this as I didn’t want them in the army. My original thoughts were to paint them bright red, like little devils or imps. I then changed my mind and considered adding some Orruks painted in this way but was unsure. Adam Cunis is currently painting some Brutes in red and they actually look great, so it’s something I may revisit. 

In the end I decided that I needed to keep the model WYSIWYG and include the Gnoblar, so I had to think up something else to represent them in this army. I knew they had to be suitably weird and I remembered a plan I had for some Tzeentch Horrors back in 7th Ed WFB using Night Goblins (Moonclan Grots). I fished into the back of one of my bitz draws and found a cheeky little baggy of Grots with their faces crudely hacked off. I whipped out a pin vice and finished what I started many years ago, fully drilling out the face and hands. This left a hollow looking cloak, reminiscent of Star Wars Jawas or Final Fantasy Black Mages. I then added him to the Ironblaster chassis. He’s a little understated and I’ll definitely need to include more into the army to reinforce the theme. I do have plans for this. 

For the Rhinox I went with a nice deep purple-pink colour. This came out really nicely and I wish I’d used this scheme on a Stonehorn or Thundertusk. The base of this colour is the fantastic Barak-Nar Burgundy, which I’d actually never heard of before, but found it in a load of paints I bought off someone exiting the hobby. Anyway, it’s a really good colour, check it out! 

That’s all for now. Remember to follow our work on social media for the most up to date photos and videos. You can search the hashtag #FETI2 on both Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you fancy checking out the original season, the hashtag #fromembertoinferno has the goods on Twitter. Also if there’s any particular element you’d like to hear me discuss, drop me a message on Twitter (@the_black_sun) or Instagram (@blacksunpainting).

Once again I’ll leave you with some group shots - the army is starting to look like an army, finally. Cheers for reading,

Chris x



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