TOURNAMENT Best Army Photos - Tomorrow Burns II

Tomorrow Burns feels like a million miles away right now! Despite only being a month in the past. Unfortunately the best armies video I was planning for Youtube in the same format as the one I did for BLACKOUT isn't possible due to problems with half the videos I took at the event.

So I thought I would create this blog post instead to share all the fantastic armies on show at the event.

1st Place Best Army

Tom Hewitt - Legion of Chaos Ascendant

Tom smashed the player voting with what I term a 'crowd pleasing' army, it has every element needed to draw attention. Tom however has gone even further by including some amazing conversions such as his Great Unclean one  'Fatty Magoo'. It is probably one of the few models in existence that could rival our own Rob Ellis' Be'lakor for the number of different pieces used in a conversion. Couple this with some well executed basing, a great colour palette with unusual colour blends, and 4 striking center pieces and it is no surprise Tom walked away with 1st place.

2nd Place Best Army

Terry Pike - Maggotkin of Nurgle

Simply put, Terry's army is one of the best painted/executed armies on the tournament scene, and he even netted him a best army win at Adepticon. Despite the age of the army, Terry has stayed committed to keeping the army fresh and with the aid of numerous additional flares of interest (such as the goo on his converted GUO maw arm) and adding key elements such as the Nurgle Trees.

3rd Place Best Army

Matthew Lyons - Ossiarch Bonereapers

Suffice to say I was very pleased to walk away with 3rd place in such a tough field!

Best Army Nominations

Russ Veal - Ogor Mawtribes

Tom Matthews - Slaves to Darkness

Gary Hennessey - Ogor Mawtribes

Andy Burgess - Gloomspite Gitz

Dave Cooper - Legions of Nagash

Ian Gilmore - Big Waaagh

Patrick O'Sullivan - Idoneth Deepkin

Jean Hibbet - Stormcast Eternals

Owen Farmer - Stormcast Eternals

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