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It seems hobby desk/area lighting has been a very popular topic since we mentioned this on episode 18 of the podcast. I would really recommend giving the episode a listen if you haven't already; as we cover some key points in more detail.

At the end of this post is a personal recommendation of a light that I have been using for the last 18 months. I have used a wide variety of different desk lamps over the years and there are many well-recommended models; however I always find the price tag of the 'best lights' very off-putting.

In my opinion the key features a hobby light needs are:

  • Articulation/flexibility

Having the ability to maneuver the light around to illuminate the model you are painting OR taking photographs.

  • LED

Long gone are the days that we need to replace bulbs etc, also LED's generate significantly less heat. So do';t contribute as much to paint drying or heating you up on a hot day!

  • Option of Fluorescent/'yellow' light and Daylight

This is absolutely essential, painting a model under one light source, then seeing it under another will have a huge impact on how good your models look and can cause the entire colour scheme to fail. Beautiful blends and 'popping' highlights under a daylight source can look flat and lifeless under a fluorescent light; and vice-versa.

Meet this criteria for a desk light and you'll be on to a winner, this is very similar to the light I personally use from Ebay - LED Desk Light

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