To accompany episode 2 of the podcast, below are photos of the best army/painted nominees for BLACKOUT which we were all fortunate to attend 2 weekends ago. The owners name will link directly to their twitter for a cheeky extra follow.

Also make sure you check out

Listener Questions

Once you've scrolled past the photos of the lovely armies, there are photos of each of our favorite models we have ever painted and a link to the light I use (and strongly recommend) in answer to a listener question.


Aaron Bailey - Slyvaneth





Ben Johnson - Flesh Eater Courts



John Greene - Slyvaneth 




Jon Warmington - Slyvaneth







Les Martin - Stormcasts




Mark Wildman - Disciples of Tzeentch




Paul Whitehead - Beastclaw Raiders



Russ Veal - Nighthaunt



Stephen Smith - Stormcasts




Richard Ciereszko - Mixed Chaos


The Award Winners

3rd Place - Sam (Bottle)  - Mixed Order




2nd Place - Rob Ellis - Mixed Order





1st Place - Ian Gilmore - Mixed Destruction




Judges Choice - Byron Orde - Mixed Order




Well done to all the winners, very well deserved. Listen to episode 2 to hear our comments/coverage of the armies


Listener Questions:

As promised click this link for the light I use for painting:  AWESOME LIGHT - fantastic light at a great price and I have been using mine for almost 2 years now.


This Beauty will serve you well


Also in answer to a listener question, here are the favorite models we have ever painted:




This is an Infinity Aleph model that I painted roughly a year ago, I really enjoyed spending the time on a single miniature and getting it to a standard I am very happy with.




Classic Rob level conversion and a really great colour scheme!






A brave man taking on this scale mini and some beautiful free-hand!


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