TOURNAMENT Best and Coolest Army Photos - South Coast Grand Tournament 2018

To go alongside episode 12 of the podcast, below are the photos of the best army/coolest army nominations from the South Coast Grand Tournament 2018!



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Ben Johnson's lovely Daughters of Khaine up for yet another nomination


Ricky Mee's Legion of Nagash displays a great colour contrast


This Dragon was used as Prince Vhordrai


Steve Wren's 3 Lord of Changes and Kairos


Budgie colours!


Excellent Basing Elements in use


David Fullbrook's Maggotkin of Nurgle


Excellent Great Unclean one, look at the use of colour on the lips and eyes


A lovely Lord of Afflictions


No surprise that Les Martin's Stormcast were nominated again!


Amazing skin tone on the Stardrake


Jimbo's Slyvaneth on a lovely display board

Beautifully painted wood!


Ben Smith's Xmas themed Destruction list


Candy Canes!


Peter Scholey's Legion of Nagash with fantastic conversions


A Nagash built from Mortartion!


Ben Van Brul's impressive display board!


A cheeky Mierce Keeper of Secrets

 3rd Place Best Army - Terry Pike's Mixed Chaos:


2nd Place Best Army - Ian Hannan's Stormcast Eternals:



Coolest Army - Mike Burges's Slyvaneth:



1st Place Best Army - Matt Lyons (Me!!!) Disciples of Tzeentch:





Also, to go alongside Paul Buckler talking about his From Ember to Inferno army, here are some photos of his converted Arachnaroks:






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