TOURNAMENT Army Photos - South Coast Grand Tournament 2018

I attended the South Coast Grand Tournament 2018 last weekend and was lucky enough to take some photos of armies people had laid out on the Saturday. Take a look at the swathe of beautiful forces!


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Striking colour schemes on Mike Wilson's Slaanesh


Excellent basing on show

No detail has been skipped!



Nagash completing with personal lighting!

Loving all the light elements


Big fan of this converted Free Peoples/Death Army


Great touches on the mount conversion


Simple headswap = complete change in character


Ian Spink's crazy Bonespitterz


The yellow elements really help draw the eye


Boars and Stabbas - what;s not to like!


Very well executed cold Slyvaneth


Love the weapon colour


Which has been carried over to Drycha


Treelord has a bit more 'life' in this colour scheme


Paul Whitehead has panted a Deepkin army already!


A sexy Trio!


One of Bryan Carmichael's Dragons


I've always loved the sculpts of these Bolt Throwers


Great execution of snow actually on the models


Takes a brave person to do this, but I love it!


Dan Ford's Maggotkin of Nurgle army with display board!


Love the purples on this Stormcast Army


Frost Phoenix's have been a popular addition


Some subtle conversions


Les Martin's gorgeous Stormcast Eternals


Les is the kind of a smooth transition!


Great use of Mini-Morathi in a Death army


Another great Stormcast Army (with another Frost Phoenix)


Great colour choices of the Stardrake here


Mike Burges new Slyvanth army, very striking airbrush work


The extra details on Alarielle really help her stand out


This basing is excellent


Ian Hanna's Stormcast were a delight to see in the flesh


Love the mounts skin colour and freehand stripes


Excellent conversions, check out that cloak patterning


John Greene's eerie Mixed Order army


Great example of rusted armour


Love these models, remind me of WoW Fel Wardens


Another Frost Phoenix!


Great use of the Ethereal theme here



40 Acolytes, someone deserves a medal!


Nice bit of freehand on the book



Great to see Skaven still representing


James Hayday's Vanguard Themed Stormcasts with a lovely purple/red


Terry Pike's mixed Chaos with the addition of his Phenomenal Kairos


Better shot of Kairos


Tim Fisher's Warherd built from Mierce Miniatures, love the vibrant blue


Great example of the use of strong contrasts


Ben Smith's crazy Xmas themed Destruction army


A lovely Seraphon army, particularly liked the Starseer


An excellent Pirate themed Death army


Some Great touches with the banners


Took me a moment to realize the hull was a Gunhauler!


Jimbo9Jimbo's Monster Mash Slyvaneth Army


A converted Celestant Prime


Ben Johnson's Daughters of Khaine, love the hair colour


Yet another great Slyvaneth army


Adam Hazelwood's Mixed Order list, the archers are very 'Assasins Creed' to me

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