TOURNAMENT Best Armies/Painted - FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2

Welcome to another blog which accompanies Episode 3 of the podcast. Show below are photos of the best army/painted nominees for FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2


A Mighty Lord of Khorne leading my army for the event



which we were all fortunate to attend 2 weekends ago. As always the owners name will link directly to their twitter for a cheeky extra follow (if I have their twitter handles).


Also make sure you check out and these are our favorites from their October releases:



Coughing Walvax - Great as Troggoths/Minotaurs

Blight Beast - Perfect as a Great Unclean One

The Armies

Aaron Bailey - Disciples of Tzeencth







Paul Whitehead - Beastclaw Raiders


Matt Lyons - Blades of Khorne



Rob Ellis - Mixed Order



Chris Tomlin - Ironjawz





Rob Crouchley - Kharadron Overlords



Rob Boyce - Nurgle




 Gaz Ravencroft - Nurlge




Gary Hennessey - Nurgle



The Award Winners

Joint 2nd Place Chris Mills - Stormcast Eternals




Joint 2nd Place Ian Gilmore - Ironjawz


1st Place Graham Shirley - Death


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